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Claim-Safe: a unique legal offering.

Many people are reluctant to ask for legal help after an accident.     Common concerns are:  What if I lose and end up owing money? What if the legal fees are more than the insurance payment?  What if I get charged just to find out what’s involved?

Well, what if things were different?  At Murphy’s Law:  Accident Lawyers we  provide a truly unique offering.  We have developed a package we call “Claim-Safe”.  We put measures in place to alleviate common concerns, reduce the risk to you, make the process as quick and easy as it can be and ensure you get the maximum possible return from any insurance claim.  Find out now why so many people are starting their legal journey with the peace of mind “Claim-Safe” provides.

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I would like to thank Chris and the team at Murphy’s Law for their excellent support during the duration of my claim. Sharee made the journey easy by her dedication and faultless work ethic.


My experience with Murphy’s Law has been first class. Thanks to Chris for all your meticulous work on my case, which resulted in such a successful outcome. Chris and Sharee’s advice and support during a very difficult and emotional time for myself made the entire process worthwhile.


Accidents happen:  it’s a regrettable but unavoidable fact of life.

The real question is how you deal with it. Call us now to get the professional and expert advice you need to get your life back on track.

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