Fall from horse during riding lesson

The Plaintiff was an inexperienced rider taking lessons with the Defendant who was a riding instructor. The Plaintiff was riding a relatively gentle mare - but one that did not like tight fitted equipment around her nose and mouth. The events which transpired that day were in dispute.  Ultimately the Plaintiff's version  was preferred. [...]

Assault on cruise ship not owner’s fault

Mr Packer, a 35 year old waterproof applicator, attended a work Christmas function in December 2006.  The function involved going on a cruise to South Stradbroke Island for a day trip.   He attended with his girlfriend and two children.   The cruise and function facilities on the island were operated by the Respondent, [...]

Light bulb moment harms pensioner

Mr Johnston was a 63 year old disability pensioner who lived in a Department of Housing property.  He had lived in that house for 10 years.  The house had fallen into a poor state of repair, which included faulty electrical wiring. The department had inspected the home only at the time Mr Johnston had  moved [...]

Good Samaritan suffers from unsafe McDonald’s playground

In 2010 a 5 year old boy got stuck on some elevated playground equipment at the McDonald's store in Castle Hill.  The boy had gained access to the rear of the playground in an area he was not supposed to go and climbed up onto the equipment.  Mr Metaxoulis came to the boy's aid. [...]

Compensation awarded for fall outside Irish pub

In March 2011 Ms Kuban, then 52 years of age, attended Harrigan's Irish Pub in Pokolbin with her partner to have dinner, watch football and play some games of pool.  The couple left at about 11pm. It had ben raining that night and the tiled stairs at the front of the pub had become wet [...]

Fall at Westfield shopping centre

Ms Forge went to the Liverpool Westfield shopping centre one Thursday evening to do some Christmas shopping.  She was wearing rubber soled work boots.  She slipped and fell injuring her knees. The cleaner (employed by the Defendant) had been cleaning a spill in the area only minutes beforehand.  There was CCTV footage showing that [...]

Co-worker peeling orange inadvertently stabs man in hand

In September 2011 construction was taking place at a site in Redbank Plains.  Joshua Boon, who was then 22 years of age, was employed there as a labourer.  A bobcat operator, Tim Summerfeldt, was working there too.  The two men knew each other from work at previous sites. One lunch time the two men [...]

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