Cyclist succeeds against driver in door-ing case

Aaron Smith, a 26 year old aircraft maintenance engineer & student, was riding his bicycle along Boundary Street in West End. A motorist who had parked his car on the side of the road opened the door of his car in front of Mr Smith.  Mr Smith and his bike struck the car door [...]

Small % impairment leads to significant compensation

Mr Martin, a 39 year old electrician,  was involved in a motor vehicle accident on the Peak Downs Highway, north of Clermont when another vehicle collided into the rear of his Landrover.  His vehicle was a 'write-off'. He injured his neck and back and had not worked since his accident.  He thought of retraining but [...]

Pedestrian struck by hit-and-run driver

A 36 year old pedestrian, who was intoxicated, was walking to his sister's home from a nearby tavern in Deception Bay. At about 7pm that night he began to cross near a round-about on Maine Terrace when a car suddenly turned from Bay Avenue.  The car struck the pedestrian and then drove off: leaving [...]

Calamity caused by unknown driver

In February 2009 a 40 year old truck driver, Mr Drzyzaga, was driving a semi-trailer along the Pacific Motorway and took the Nerang-Broadbeach Rd exit. He proceeded around a bend on the off-ramp, checked his rear mirrors and came upon a car that had stopped in the lane ahead of him.  Mr Drzyazaga then [...]