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Death Claims

If you’ve suffered a loss it’s important to get advice you can rely upon and trust.

We have the experience, compassion and dedication to help you access all remedies available and shield against the inevitable financial consequences.

Being forced to consider the legal and financial avenues of recourse soon after the loss of a loved one is a heavy burden you need not carry alone.   We can help identify all remedies available and let you make an informed decision about which path you wish to take.  The loss of a loved one can have profound emotional and financial effects for family members and dependants that are life-changing and long-lasting.  Many insurers grossly under-estimate those losses and try to convince you to accept a nominal amount.  To be able to recover the financial losses fully it’s important to adopt the right strategy and secure the best evidence. At Murphy’s Law:  Accident Lawyers we have the experience, dedication and know-how to ensure the most economically viable outcome is secured.    And we keep it simple for you: by exploring all options, looking after the paperwork and gathering the necessary evidence.  Call now to find out how we can help.

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Chris and his team are fantastic. Every stress that I had after my accident was immediately put to ease after meeting Chris. The communication during the whole process was flawless. I am so glad I was referred to him and I will continue to refer him to anyone that has similar issues.

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