Fall at Westfield shopping centre

Ms Forge went to the Liverpool Westfield shopping centre one Thursday evening to do some Christmas shopping.  She was wearing rubber soled work boots.  She slipped and fell injuring her knees.

The cleaner (employed by the Defendant) had been cleaning a spill in the area only minutes beforehand.  There was CCTV footage showing that taking place.  After Ms Forge had fallen she attempted to get up.  She noticed her hands were covered in a clear, greasy and slimy substance.

The matter came before the courts.  It was found that Ms Forge had slipped in the same spill that the cleaner had attempted to clean up earlier.

It was also accepted that the most probable cause of the fall was that the cleaner had moved away without ensuring the area had been properly cleaned.  The court also noted that a warning sign should have ben used to alert passers-by of the danger.

Ms Forge was awarded $64,955.

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For more details read the full version of the court judgment:

Forge v Atlantic Cleaning & Security [2015] NSWDC 37

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