How long will the claim take?

It’s difficult to say how long a claim will last – that really depends on the severity of your injuries and the attitude of the insurer.

If you recover quickly and have no ongoing symptoms, then your claim will be able to be settled fairly quickly (normally within a couple of months).

But, if your injuries and symptoms continue then the claim will take longer to resolve (probably 12-18 months). That is because doctors will need to assess your injuries and they cannot make a determination about the long lasting impacts of those injuries until they consider that the injuries have stabilised.  That’s usually around the 12 month mark.

While it can be frustrating to have to wait that time, it is so important that you do in order to recover a fair amount of compensation. Once your claim is resolved, you cannot make another claim for the same injuries if they deteriorate over time. So it’s vital to explore all avenues and investigate all your injuries prior to settlement.

If you would like a more accurate estimate, then please contact us/  Once we learn details from you about the accident and your injuries. Please don’t hesitate to call one of our team and get more information!

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