Is it worthwhile using a lawyer?

You are legally entitled to bring a medical negligence claim for injury compensation without legal representation.

But, if your claim is worth pursuing at all, then it will almost always certainly be worthwhile engaging a lawyer to represent you. Medical negligence claims are generally very complex. A careful legal analysis of all the evidence needs to be undertaken and appropriate legal strategies need to be adopted to ensure you succeed and recover a fair, and proper, level of compensation.

Without legal representation you will likely overlook important issues in terms of evidence you need to prove your case or jeopardise your prospects of recovering all of the various levels of compensation you are entitled to.  Finding experts who are prepared to give opinions against other medical colleagues is also a very difficult task for those unfamiliar with the process.

The medical insurers are very experienced litigators in injury compensation claims so there would also be a real imbalance of knowledge and experience which could be highly detrimental to you if you were to pursue the claim without representation.

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