Should I seek injury compensation?

Even if you have availed yourself of other possible avenues (in seeking an apology, getting your records or being given an explanation as to what transpired) you still have the option of seeking injury compensation.

Injury compensation is an important way to gain access to funds to reimburse you for the additional costs and expense you have been burdened with if you have suffered an adverse outcome from negligent medical treatment. But you need to be able to prove all of the necessary legal limbs to succeed in such a claim.

If you have been injured either physically or psychologically because of a health care provider’s negligence, you will be able to claim compensation. The injury needs to be serious enough to make it worthwhile incurring the costs of making a claim. So it may not be worth taking legal action if your injury is very minor and you fully recover within a few days or weeks.  If there are long-term consequences though seeking compensation is often an advisable course to take.

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