You are able to recover compensation for various expenses through personal injury claims, including:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses – to cover things such as hospital and medical bills, physio expenses, medication and any other expense you accrue through injury.
  • Loss of earnings – sometimes it is very clear that you have lost wages because you have been forced to take time off work and recuperate. But other times it may be more ambiguous for example you may have knocked back overtime or lost a business or promotional opportunity because of your injuries.
  • Future loss of earnings – this loss again could be fairly clear, for example perhaps as a result of injury you are unable to work in your previous role. However, losses can also be more subtle in the form of days off, potentially retiring early because of your injuries, leaving work early. We will look into your specific circumstance to help determine an allowance to compensate you for the loss of earnings you will suffer into the future.
  • Future treatment costs.
  • Care and assistance – some allowance may be made to the extent other people are required to assist you with household chores and the like because of your injuries.
  • Other future costs/expenses.