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Industry Stats

Car Accident Claims:

60.7% of claims are for spinal injuries.

48.3% of payments are for financial loss.

* data sourced from the Motor Accident Insurance Commission Annual Report 2014-2015

Bicycle Accident Claims:

120 fatalities involving cyclists nationally per year on average.

2500 riders seriously injured on roads each year.

* data sourced from the CARRS-Q State of the Road May 2011 Fact Sheet and the the Motor Accident Insurance Commission Annual Report 2014-2015

Work Accident Claims:

95% of workers returned to work.

30% of claims were for sprains & strains.

* data sourced from the Queensland Work Health and Safety Board Key statistical indicators quarterly update 1 2013-14,  the Workers Compensation Regulator 2014-15 Statistics Report

TPD & Superannuation Claims:

Primary cause of TPD claims are musculoskeletal problems.

Followed by cancer related cause and treatment.

* data sourced from The Risk Store (who utilise data from insurers such as: AIA Australia, AMP, Asteron/Suncorp, BT, Clear view, Comminsure,OnePath, Macquarie, Metlife, MLC, TAL and Zurich)

Hospital & Medical Claims:

85% of matters decided by tribunals in the year result in diciplinary action.

30% of patient safety incidents relate to clinician’s knowledge and skills.

* data sourced from Vital Signs: The State of Safety and Quality in Australian Health Care report 2016 & AHPRA Annual Report 2015-16

Public Place Claims:

2965 claims for injuries completed per year in Queensland.

1796 claims claimed against hotels, cafes and resturants in Australia per year.

* data sourced from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) National Claims and Policies Database paper on ‘Claim trends for liability insurance’ issued 7 November 2014

Death Claims:

50% reduced risk of fatality if wearing a seatbelt.

187 workers fatally injured per year.

* data sourced from the Motor Accident Insurance Commission Annual Report 2014-2015 & Safe Work Australia statistics

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