Meet Donna McManus

Founder / Lawyer

Do what is right, not what is easy.


Donna was raised to work hard, to believe in the equality of people and to stand strong on her beliefs.  A strong sense of justice and fairness arose from this upbringing and is what led her into law, and ultimately to be Founder of Premier Legal & Murphy’s Law Group.

Qualifing as a lawyer the old way via a 5-year articled-clerkship on the Sunshine Coast, Donna completed her degree through Queensland University of Technology.  Whilst qualifying and since then, she has worked extensively in many areas of law – property, commercial, insolvency, family, building disputes, and, most recently in our primary areas of Personal Injury Litigation and Wills and Estate Administration.

Area of Expertise

Health issues in Donna’s family, including her father’s diagnosis with and passing from mesothelioma (asbestos-related cancer), further piqued Donna’s interest in health science, research, policy & law.  Coming back to the law from a stint looking after her kids full-time to open the Premier Legal & Murphy’s Law Group, she was drawn back to the areas of Personal Injuries and Wills and Estates which are now the focal points for the business.

Donna is regularly called upon for referrals relating to areas outside of our focus areas.  Her extensive experience assists her identifying some initial practical advice that can be given and in and making referral recommendations.

Special Interests

As a young solicitor with more time on her hands Donna enjoyed an active involvement in community organisations, spending many hours each week.  Amongst other things she volunteered at the Sunshine Coast Community Legal Service, was Secretary of the Sunshine Coast Law Association and, whilst working in family law, was a Founding Member & original Secretary of Harmony House, a charity assisting children in cases where assistance is needed to exchange children between parents for contact visits.

Donna has 3 kids and loves spending any spare time she has with them.   She loves music and singing and has been a member of the Harmony Choir Brisbane for over 10 years.   She also enjoys her long-term weekly commitment playing touch footy with her team at Bardon.

In recent years, through family, she’s also developed an interest in BMX Racing in Australia which has resulted in the business’s substantial sponsorship of the sport.

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