Meet Sharee Yauga


There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

Personal Interests

When Sharee is not working she loves to spend quality time with her husband and young son.  

Sharee has always been an active and fit person growing up in the country on a farm. She’s an animal lover and is very much an outdoor person. She loves driving to remote or scenic locations with her family where they can enjoy all that nature has to offer.  They will often spend the day on outings and walks.

Sharee is also an avid reader and unwinds and relaxes by spending time on her reading a good mystery novel.

She actively participates in running and boxing to keep herself fit and healthy.

Area of Expertise

Sharee is extremely passionate about assisting people that have been placed in unexpected circumstances with bad outcomes.  She dedicates herself to her clients and is highly focused on ensuring they receive the funding necessary for their treatment and rehabilitation wherever possible to help with their recovery.  

Sharee also works tirelessly for her clients to ensure they recover the best possible outcome they can.  She is personally driven to ensure that people who find themselves in difficult times are able to navigate through their claim in a way that means they can ultimately live a more fulfilling life.

Industry Specialisation

Sharees main focus throughout her career has been on claims involving:

  • Car accidents
  • Cycling accidents
  • Work accidents
  • Public place accidents
  • Other accidents
  • Hospital error
  • Medical error
  • Death claims
  • Superannuation claims
  • TPD claims


Sharee has worked in the legal industry for over 17 years.

She first began as a legal secretary before then moving into a Paralegal role.  She has always had a passion for helping others and a keen interest in the law.

After some time she became determined to pursue a career as a solicitor.  Not one to do things the easy way she continued working on a full-time basis as a Paralegal, with a young family, whilst completing her law degree.

Sharee was then admitted to the legal profession as a solicitor.     

She worked for a short number of years as a personal trainer as well and brings that same mentality of focus, drive and dedication to her legal role.

Having grown up in a regional area Sharee brings some old-fashioned country charm, a strong work ethic and a willingness to ‘rip in and have a go’ to her legal work.

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