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1. The true losses suffered in a Car Accident are often under-estimated.2. Who can claim motor vehicle injury compensation?3. What can you claim for as part of motor vehicle injury compensation?4. What are the most common road and car accident injuries?

The majority of superannuation policies include insurance policies which are paid for by ongoing fees deducted from your account. The standard policy included with most accounts is ‘Total and Permanent Disability cover’, often known as TPD insurance.

In very basic terms, most TPD insurance covers:

  • Total and permanent disability - cover for when you are no longer able to work due to illness or injury. You will typically need to be deemed unable or unlikely to return to working in any capacity to qualify for this.
  • Death - this typically covers death up to a certain age such as 70 and may also allow payments to be made prior to death if diagnosed with a terminal illness.

What’s the difference between TPD and Income protection insurance?

Income protection for times when you are temporarily unable to work due to injury and illness are rarely covered by automatic cover but are often available as an opt-in. Check with your Super fund for options and fees.

Income protection will often cover a period of months up to a few years if you are unable to work due to injury or illness. All policies differ but many will pay an agreed percentage of your salary if you meet the eligibility criteria.

TPD insurance on the other hand only covers 

White collar cover

Some Superannuation firms offer “white collar cover” where they increase the amount of cover by up to 50% at no extra cost if your role meets the criteria. These are typically for lower risk office type jobs. 

Tip: Most firms won’t automatically opt you in for the additional cover so it’s worth checking with your Super fund to see if it’s offered and if you are opted in.
Note: You should check with your Superannuation fund to see which insurances if any are included in your cover as well for cover amounts and eligibility criteria. Most funds will have a default co

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