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‘No win, no fee’ is offered by the majority of accident compensation lawyers to allow access to justice without the need for big upfront costs or risks. Under a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement, the firm's legal fees are only payable if the case is successful.

Taking on the big well resourced insurance companies on your own would be a David Vs. Goliath type undertaking. No win, no fee arrangements make it possible to seek compensation and remove the upfront costs and risk.

Benefits of no win, no fee

There are a number of key benefits to no win, no fee arrangements.

  • Access to justice without the need for large upfront costs
  • Related costs such as required medical examinations are covered and don’t get charged unless you win
  • Reduces the risk
  • Nothing to pay unless you win
Best Lawyers Brisbane Award

Why choose Murphy's Law Accident Lawyers for a no win, no fee claim?

Best Lawyers was founded in 1981 in the USA and has grown into one of the most prestigious peer reviewed publications within the legal industry in more than 75 countries.

This honor, bestowed on a lawyer by his or her peers, means recognition from those in the industry that the respective lawyers are considered experts in their field.

  • No upfront costs - Nothing to pay upfront. We take on the costs of fighting your case including specialist reports and appointments we need done and only charge for the work done if we settle your compensation case.
  • 30 day trial - In addition to no win, no fee, you get a 30 day cooling off period to give us a go.
  • Recognised in peer review industry awards - We've won multiple awards several years in a row such as Best Lawyers and Doyle's Awards which are voted for by others in the legal industry.
  • Glowing 5 star client reviews - We've got many 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook recommendations with past clients recommending us to their family and friends.
  • We see everyone as an individual - We don't use call centres or a cookie-cutter approach to run a claim. We see you and your situation as unique.
  • We fight harder to get you the best result - Insurance companies will often low-ball law firms to try and settle. We keep up the fight until we think we've got you the best possible result in your hand.
  • We make it easy - We try and reduce an already stressful time in your life with personal service, the option to come to you and taking on the heavy lifting of running the claim.
  • Queensland wide service - From our Brisbane offices, our team help clients from right across Queensland including the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast (where we have staff) and regional Queensland including Townsville and Cairns.
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What does no win, no fee mean?

No win no fee refers to a costs agreement associated with legal fees for services. Under a no win no fee arrangement, you do not pay for legal services unless the case is ‘won’ - which means that the outcome you are seeking (getting compensation) is the one that you get. 

With no win no fee arrangements, you can access all the necessary legal services you may need to help you fight your matter, without making any payment upfront. This can be hugely helpful when you are making a claim for compensation, as you do not need to fund your legal battle yourself. 

For example, if you are seeking compensation for a workplace injury, you will probably need to get specialist medical reports and other expert evidence to substantiate any claim that you make. Under a no win no fee terms arrangement, your legal team will cover all of the costs of any tests, reports, or other necessary material upfront, which means you are not out of pocket. Your no win no fee arrangement also means that any legal representation, such as a barrister, is covered as part of your service as well. 

It is worth noting here that most compensation claims are settled out of court, in what is known as a compulsory conference. In a compulsory conference, your legal representatives will put forward your position and negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome for your circumstances. We fight hard for the best result for each of our clients and it sometimes needs more than one compulsory conference to negotiate an offer from the insurers that provides a suitable in-hand outcome for our clients. If this is the case, and your matter proceeds to litigation, you can be assured we will inform you of how the matter will proceed, and advise of any associated costs.

Ultimately, it is only if your claim is successful that you pay — so if we don’t achieve a successful claim for compensation, we don’t get paid.

When you work with Murphy’s Law you can be assured that: 

  • Our costs are competitive
  • We will only charge for work that we have actually completed 
  • We will be completely transparent in our fee model and provide you with full information about how your claim will be managed prior to engaging in any work
  • We will provide you with a complete client agreement which sets out our fees and how we charge for certain services
  • We will keep you updated if there are any changes in your pricing or any additional reports or tests that need to be gathered 

When you work with us as your no win no fee lawyers, you are assured of getting the best possible legal help, without the initial financial outlay and the risk.

Industry Awards, Memberships & Recognition

Our team includes Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialists, Chris McManus and Chris McMahon, a specialist certification held by only a small percentage of compensation lawyers. Our team and firm have multiple awards over recent years based on industry recognition.
Doyles 2023, 
Leading Compensation Lawyers
Best Lawyers 2023,
Leading Compensation Lawyers
Led by QLS Accredited Specialists*
Member of Queensland Law Society 
Member of Australian Lawyers Alliance

Frequently Answered Questions

Is no win, no fee worth it?

Are you thinking about funding your legal battle yourself? You may be thinking about entering into your claim and paying for your legal costs as they come up, rather than taking on a no win no fee basis. This is perfectly possible, and we are happy to discuss our fees with you if this is something you are considering. 

One thing that is worth thinking about is that in most cases you are going up against incredibly well-resourced insurance companies who have unlimited access to legal and financial support. 

A no win no fee basis makes it possible for you to achieve access to justice without the financial outlay. Plus, under no win no fee, you only pay if we win, which means you can only end up better off than not taking any action!

What happens if my no win, no fee claim is not successful?

In the unlikely event that your claim with Murphy’s Law Accident Lawyers is unsuccessful then we would not charge you any legal fees. You only pay if we win. 

We will always take the time to assess your legal position prior to taking on your case, and will provide you with a realistic and firm idea of where you stand, and how likely you are to succeed. In some cases, it may not be worth pursuing compensation because you may have limited chances of success. In other cases, you will be well placed to enter into a claim for compensation, in which case we can discuss your options with you.

Some firms can leave you out of pocket by charging for out-of-pocket costs such as medical reports that formed part of the matter and even so-called ‘disbursements’ such as printing and postage! Murphy’s Law Accident Lawyers do not pass on these costs if we are not successful.

Are there upfront costs with no win, no fee?

Typically with ‘no win, no fee’ lawyers there are no upfront costs. A small percentage of ‘no win, no fee’ law firms do charge along the way for third party costs such as specialised medical reports. Murphy’s Law Accident Lawyers do not charge any upfront fees.

When you are making a claim, whether it is a personal injury claim for a workplace accident, a TPD claim for a public place accident, a car accident claim - or any other type of personal injury services claim - you want the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t be out of pocket if your claim is unsuccessful. 

A no win no fee costs agreement provides you with peace of mind. This is because this kind of structure allows you to commence your action with zero financial commitment from you, and the knowledge that our lawyers are going to be fighting your case on your behalf right to the end. 

What percentage do no win, no fee lawyers take?

This is a common concern. While some firms charge a fixed percentage, we only charge for actual work done for your case. What this means is that we will charge for our services, but won’t charge above and beyond our set fees. 

If we achieve a successful outcome for you, you will receive a final figure for the total compensation payable. We will have discussed likely outcomes with you prior to engaging in negotiation, so the final figure should be fairly close to what we 

A fee cap is then calculated according to the 50/50 rule, which means that the maximum we can charge for our services is 50% of the total settlement, after refunds (for Medicare or Centrelink) and outlays (e.g. medical reports) are deducted.

Please note, however, that we do not charge 50% as a rule - we merely charge the fees for our work, and the 50/50 rule creates a cap. This is more of a safety net and typically the fees our clients pay would work out to a much lower percentage.

For example: 

Say your total settlement is $80,000. Of this, the following might apply:

Total$80,000Settlement amount
$1,400Medicare refund
$5,000Centrelink refund
$10,000Outlays (medical reports and expert reports)

This remaining $63,600 is then divided by two (under the 50/50 rule) which means that our fees are capped at $31,800. If our professional fees come to more than half your total settlement, this is still the maximum amount that we can charge.

Typically, our fees work out to be a smaller amount than the final 50% figure, and wherever possible we work hard to ensure that as much of our fee as possible is covered by the insurer. This is just one more way we are always working to maximise your overall payment! 

The 50% rule is not only effective as a cap for services, it can provide protection for claims that end up having a very small value due to circumstances such as:

  • New evidence coming to light that may not be favourable to your claim
  • The value of your claim being much smaller than expected, due to a much better recovery than was expected. While this may not mean as much financial compensation - it does mean that the impact of your injury on your life is less. A better recovery is always a good thing!

In some of the circumstances just listed, and in some other cases, the amount of legal work done might mean the professional fees for our work would equate to over 50%. But, because of the 50/50 rule you are protected to ensure you get at least half.

Is no win, no fee really free?

No, no win no fee is not free - it just means that you get to access all of our legal advice and services without any out of pocket expenses. No win no fee refers to the pricing structure that means that if we win your claim for compensation, we can recover our costs for services. If we do not win your claim, then you do not pay us anything. 

We offer no win no fee arrangements as a way to provide quality legal advice and services without the risk to you. As with any kind of professional engagement there are costs associated with accessing our services, but you can be assured that we will be completely transparent and up-front with you.

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