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Too many lawyers focus on the process and not the person. That’s not us:  we make an effort to understand your needs from the outset and give you   up-front, straightforward, genuine and honest advice that allows you to make the right decision for you about the best way forward.  Let us help you take the first steps to restoring your financial position.

At Murphy’s Law:  Accident Lawyers we have the experience and know-how to help you enforce your rights, recover your losses or to discover the cause of a wrongful occurrence.   We have a real focus on ensuring only economically viable strategies are adopted. We deliver practical advice in a direct and meaningful way.  As a firm that’s focused on relationships we look beyond the legal issues to how our advice will affect you, your business or your family in practice. Whether we’re helping you with your dispute or litigation needs or any other issue we’ll be focussed on the right solution and on how we can best deliver that solution to you. Call now to find out how we can help.

The steps you take after an accident can be crucial in preserving or protecting your options.  That’s why we make ourselves available in a low-risk and no-obligation way: through our Claim-Safe package.  We assess the merits of a claim early and help you make a decision about the best path to take.  We also explain and address the natural concerns you may have about the benefits of bringing an insurance claim, the likely time and costs involved and what sort of outcome you could expect to achieve. With a free initial consultation, a 30-day free trial period, a free case assessment and a no-win no-fee facility available we eliminate the concerns about seeking advice early.     Call now to take advantage of the Claim-Safe offering and take the first steps to protecting your future.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest level of service possible: both in the content of the legal solutions we find for you and the manner in which we deliver it (timely, sensible and pragmatic).
We focus on enhancing our relationships with our clients, reducing unnecessary paperwork and optimising service quality. We look beyond the immediate legal issue to how our advice will affect you in the real world.
Our promise to you is to tell it like it is: whether that relates to fees, outcomes or prospects of success. We won’t hide behind legal theories or uncertainties or use meaningless legal jargon. We’ll analyse your situation and provide you with practical and meaningful advice that will genuinely help protect your interests in a commercial and cost-effective way.
Get the genuine, professional and pragmatic advice and service you deserve.

We’re so confident you’ll be impressed with us we’ve created the exclusive “Claim-Safe” offering: with a free initial consultation, free case assessment, a 30 day free-trial period and a no-win no-fee facility.

Call now to take advantage of this unique offering.

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I would like to thank Chris and the team at Murphy’s Law for their excellent support during the duration of my claim. Sharee made the journey easy by her dedication and faultless work ethic.


My experience with Murphy’s Law has been first class. Thanks to Chris for all your meticulous work on my case, which resulted in such a successful outcome. Chris and Sharee’s advice and support during a very difficult and emotional time for myself made the entire process worthwhile.


We were very pleased with the services we received from Donna and her team. They know the laws involved … and gave us great upfront advise so we understood each step making the whole process worry free. The costs involved were outlined in full at the very beginning.

Marie, Morayfield