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When medical errors occur it isn’t uncommon to feel left in the dark without a proper explanation for what occurred or why. There’s then multiple and confusing avenues of recourse to consider. Worse yet, finding other health professionals who will help confirm the error is incredibly difficult. To ensure a just outcome is reached it’s important to adopt the right strategy and secure the best evidence. At Murphy’s Law: Accident Lawyers we have the experience, dedication and know-how to fully investigate the medical error, utilise experts who won’t shy away from forming an opinion and find answers to the cause of the error. We’ll help you choose the most appropriate form of recourse, ensure there is accountability and recover any loss you have suffered through any insurance options available to you. Call now to learn how we can help.

*  Insurance options – can be accessed through your superannuation, TPD Insurance, income protection insurance, trauma insurance, private health insurance, travel insurance or otherwise.   While formal complaints can be made through channels such as the Health Ombudsman, AHPRA (the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency), Medical Boards or other Professional Boards and in appropriate cases through a government department’s Ethical Standards Unit or local Hospital and Health Board or Service.

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My experience with Murphy’s Law has been first class. Thanks to Chris for all your meticulous work on my case, which resulted in such a successful outcome. Chris and Sharee’s advice and support during a very difficult and emotional time for myself made the entire process worthwhile. Every question, phone call and email was answered in detail and with thorough explanation.

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* data sourced from Vital Signs: The State of Safety and Quality in Australian Health Care report 2016 & AHPRA Annual Report 2015-16


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Medical Negligence Lawyer

The medical and health care industry is ever-changing and becoming more and more innovate all the time and we can usually depend on medical practitioners to do the right thing and that you or your loved ones will be looked after correctly. Unfortunately, there are times when the health care system can let you down and duty of care is not met to the standard that should be expected. Medical Negligence can prove to be a confusing and complex claim. At Murphy’s Law we are here to assist in obtaining an appropriate compensation for either yours or loved ones suffering. If you feel as though you have not received a reasonable standard of care from a heath care professional, allow one of our exceptional Medical Negligence Lawyers Brisbane to work with you with compassion and care to get the best outcome from your claim. Suffering injury as a result of negligent care provided by a trusted health professional can have a huge impact on you and your family. Conveniently located in Brisbane, Queensland and are experts in all aspects of Medical Negligence law and the processes involved, so you can focus on getting better while we take full care of your claim. Medical Negligence is an extensive area which can include failing to diagnose, misdiagnoses, errors with surgery or post-surgical care, errors relating to medication, failure to obtain proper consent and the like. Expert knowledge and comprehensive understanding in this area is vital when filing a claim of this nature and this is where Murphy’s Law Medical Negligence Lawyer Brisbane comes in. Filing a lawsuit can seem daunting, time-consuming and intimidating, at Murphy’s Law we are here to help and provide you with the confidence that you are in capable hands, at all times.

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