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Superannuation & TPD Claims

Suffered an injury and had problems working? You could have a Super Claim.

Almost all superannuation policies have insurance attached to them  that you can access in the event you are injured and your ability to work is effected.

If you’ve suffered an injury or illness that has impacted on your ability to work you should consider making a claim against the insurance attached to your Super policy. Knowing and understanding the process is vital as it is not uncommon for the insurer or superannuation fund trustee to reject a claim on technical grounds.  Having a sound legal foundation for rejecting claims doesn’t happen on every occasion.  So getting the right advice at an early stage is vital.  To be able to recover your losses fully it’s important to adopt the right strategy and secure the best evidence. At Murphy’s Law:  Accident Lawyers we have the experience and know-how to employ the best tactics to ensure your entitlements are fully recovered.  We are dedicated to achieving the right outcome and won’t give up simply because the insurer makes it hard.  And we keep it simple for you: by making sure the correct procedures are followed, looking after the paperwork and gathering the necessary evidence.  Call now to find out how we can help.

My husband and I saw Donna …..we were very impressed with her knowledge and attention to detail.Just as importantly, for us though, was her care and compassion in discussing issues around our families.We have been more than happy to recommend Donna and her team to other members of our family.
Jenny, The Gap
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claimants per annum
# 0
cause of TPD claim: musculoskeletal problems
cause of TPD claim: cancer
million paid in TPD claims in 2013

* data sourced from The Risk Store (who utilise data from insurers such as: AIA Australia, AMP, Asteron/Suncorp, BT, Clear view, Comminsure,OnePath, Macquarie, Metlife, MLC, TAL and Zurich)


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