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A 2-in-1 car window breaker and seatbelt cutting device is small enough to hang on a keyring and powerful enough to shatter car windows (other than windscreens).

While the chances of being stuck in floodwaters or trapped in a car posing an imminent risk are thankfully rare, these emergency devices can also help others in more common situations.

You can use these emergency devices to assist fellow motorists in events involving a serious accident, a medical condition where a motorist becomes unresponsive, or when pets/children are left in a car during hot weather.

Here are instructions for how to use a 2-in-1 car window breaker and seatbelt slasher:

1. Keep the device accessible

Keep it within reach, ideally in the glove compartment, centre console, or on your keyring.

2. Aim for the side windows

Rather than the windshield, these devices are designed to smash the side windows of a car, as they are easier to break.

3. Break the window

Hold the emergency window breaker firmly in your hand, ensuring you have a secure grip. The device has a spring-loaded mechanism that requires minimal force to activate. The spike for shattering the window is located at the wider end with the hole in it.

Push that end against the centre of the windowpane, as that is typically the weakest spot. Apply pressure until the tip punctures the glass. The tool should activate automatically, shattering the window upon impact. If it doesn't, try striking the window again with more force.

4. Clear the broken glass

After breaking the window, be cautious of broken glass fragments. Use a cloth or your hand to brush away any remaining glass shards from the window frame and surrounding area.

5. Assist others

If there are passengers in the vehicle who need assistance, help them exit through the broken window as well.

6. Use the seatbelt slasher if necessary

If a seatbelt is jammed or preventing someone from escaping, remove the black safety protector on the tool. Cut through the seatbelt strap.

7. Seek safety

Once everyone is out of the vehicle, move to a safe location away from traffic and call emergency services.

8. Stay calm

It’s easier said than done, but in emergency situations, it's important to stay as calm as possible. Panic can impair judgment and hinder effective action.

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