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Why It's Good We're On Gympie Road!

Driving through Brisbane’s bustling streets requires a blend of patience, alertness, and knowledge of its challenging spots. Thanks to the recent AAMI Crash Index, we're equipped with the latest insights into the city’s top five crash hotspots.

As Murphy’s Law Accident Lawyers, we're not just analytically connected to these statistics; we’re physically present at one of the city's hotspots. Conveniently located on Gympie Road, we witness firsthand the high-risk traffic conditions every day. These challenges are amplified by the ongoing road and infrastructure construction works, making the insights from the Crash Index even more resonant for us.

  • 1. Gympie Road, Chermside - Retaining its notorious reputation, Gympie Road’s Chermside stretch remains at the top. Being a primary route to and from the northern suburbs, its peak-hour traffic has become infamous. The presence of a shopping centre amplifies the risk, so if you're planning a visit, drive with extra caution.
  • 2. Mains Road, Sunnybank - Jumping from last year’s 6th place, Mains Road in Sunnybank now stands at #2. The proximity of shopping centres increases the unpredictability of the traffic flow. Stay vigilant, especially around entrances and exits.
  • 3. Logan Road, Eight Mile Plains - This stretch of Logan Road in Eight Mile Plains has made its debut appearance on the list at #3. If we all exercise a bit more care, hopefully, it'll be its last.
  • 4. Logan Road, Mount Gravatt and Gympie Road, Kedron - The former second-placer, Logan Road in Mount Gravatt, now shares the 4th spot with Gympie Road’s Kedron segment. The adjustments in rankings are a testament to the evolving nature of traffic patterns, emphasising the need for constant vigilance.
  • 5. Waterworks Road, Ashgrove - A newcomer to the AAMI Crash Index, Waterworks Road in Ashgrove clinches the #5 position. Given the congestion near Ashgrove Avenue, Stewart Road, and Jubilee Terrace during peak hours, drivers should remain extra cautious.

Understanding The Root Causes: Is It Roads or Driver Behaviour?

So how do we prevent these accidents? Is it a road management issue, or is it more about driver behaviour?

Potential Road Management Solutions

  • Reducing the speed limits.
  • Wider lanes.
  • Better road surfaces.
  • Better lighting.
  • Addressing the volume of traffic on the roads.

Insights on Driver Behaviour

The AAMI study found that the most common crash type in Qld was nose-to-tail prangs. Sadly, the statistics point predominantly to driver behaviour as the cause:

  • Driving too close to the car in front.
  • Friday is the most dangerous day, with 16% of collisions happening.
  • Between 9:30 am and 1:00 pm, almost a third (28%) of crashes occur.
  • Surprisingly, it's not P-platers at fault. Those between 35 and 49 years of age are more likely to be in an accident.

Road Safety Advice:

  • Slow down.
  • Be patient.
  • Leave enough space between you & the car in front.

Injured in a Brisbane Car Crash? Steps to Follow:

Being prepared is always a good strategy. If you find yourself involved in an accident, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Stay Calm: Keeping composed will help you manage the situation better.
  • Alert Emergency Services: Dial 000 if there's a need for police, fire, or medical assistance.
  • Gather Information: Secure details like names, addresses, license numbers, insurance data, and vehicle registration from all involved parties.
  • Document Everything: Photograph the scene, damages, and any injuries sustained.
  • Seek Medical Help: Even if injuries aren’t evident, consulting a doctor is prudent.
  • Inform Your Insurer: Notify your insurance company about the incident.
  • Consult a Lawyer: Understanding your rights is paramount. Seek legal guidance. Remember, Murphy’s Law Accident Lawyers, conveniently located on Gympie Road, are always ready to assist.

Armed with knowledge and caution, let’s aim to make Brisbane’s roads safer for everyone.

Patrick MacDonald
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