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All the claims we run are handled by the insurers for at fault parties rather than individuals or organisations.

A few examples are:

  • CTP insurance for car and road accident injury claims - covered by the CTP (compulsory third party) insurance of the at-fault driver. This is the insurance all drivers much have as part of their registration. There are protections in place for occasions where the at-fault party was unknown or was driving in an non-registered vehicle.
  • WorkCover or compulsory workers compensation insurance for work injuries - all employers have to protect their workers with workers compensation insurance. Most workers in Queensland are covered by WorkCover Queensland but some major employers opt to use their own provider.
  • Public liability insurance for public place accidents - venues such as shops, shopping centres, cafes and bars are required to have public liability insurance to cover incidents such as slip and falls or other injuries.

All personal injury compensation claims with Murphy's Law Accident Lawyers are run on a no win, no fee basis which means you won't pay us any upfront costs and we will only charge if we are successful.

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