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When life throws you a curveball, or in this case, a rogue wave, it's essential to have the right support on your side.  Our Principal, Kirk Watterson, is the support you need.  Kirk is a boating and fishing enthusiast who, aside from being able to tell a Mackerel from a Snapper, knows boats and understands how accidents can happen out on the water.

Queensland Boating accidents can be as unpredictable as the weather forecast – you may head out expecting a fine sunny day, only to be met with an unexpected storm. That's where we come in, ready to navigate the choppy waters of your legal troubles.

Here are 10 fin-tastic reasons why you should engage our services when you're caught in a boating accident.

1. Protecting You Against the “Men in grey suits”

Picture this: You've finally hooked the big catch of the day, but as you get it to the side of the boat, a giant shark chomps off everything except the head!

Just like you need protection against the predators of the sea, our award-winning team is here to protect you against the big players in the legal world. Just like those men in grey suits, the larger firms like to take advantage of an ‘easy feed’.

We, on the other hand, treat you as an individual and ensure your unique needs are met, rather than just leaving you to the schools of sharks.

2. No Need to Be Lost at Sea After a Boating Accident

Getting caught in a sudden storm or dealing with bad weather while out on the water can be disorienting, just like losing your GPS and compass!

Fear not! We are proactive with our communication and will explain every step of the journey. We’ll keep you navigated on the right route, ensuring you're never lost in the legal tempest.

3. Preventing Lost Tackle and Lost Claims

Ever lost your favourite lure? Perhaps dropped your tackle box over the side of the boat? It's frustrating, just like missing out on a proper award of compensation.

We maintain a limited portfolio of clients for each lawyer, ensuring that your lawyer can provide you with the attention your claim deserves. We take the time to ensure that your lures are tied on properly and your tackle box is stowed away before Murphy’s Law strikes!

4. Troubleshooting Engine Problems

When you’re at sea, the last thing you need is for your engine to give up on you – leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

We’ve got you covered. Think of us as your local outboard mechanic. We’re always committed to making sure that your engine is running perfectly so that you’re never stranded. We prepare your case properly and make sure that you’re never left dealing with a dodgy water pump.

We take this same approach when it comes to forcing the insurers to pay your compensation. Our determined and tenacious team doesn't quit – we ensure the insurers don’t give you the runaround and hold them accountable. We keep fighting for the best outcome.

Similarly, navigating the complexities of injury law without expert guidance can be treacherous. It’s like trying to navigate a shallow sandbar without any navigation markers!

We ensure you don't run aground. Our high-quality, personalised service and clear communication will have you passing through your claim without any problems.

6. Catching the Right Fish

No one wants to go fishing for Coral Trout but instead come home with nothing but a Toad Fish.

We employ strategies to help you catch the right fish and get you the compensation you deserve, putting more money in your pocket and setting you up for a brighter future.

There’s nothing worse than choosing the wrong charter boat to go fishing with. Read our reviews on Google and make sure that you’re on the right boat!

7. Avoiding a Day with No Bites

Some days, you never seem to have the right bait, the right lure or the right spot. Coming home without a single bite can be disheartening.

Similarly, you want to avoid going through the process of a personal injury claim and coming out the other side with a poor outcome.

We know the right spots, the right bait and the right lures. We also work hard to communicate effectively with you by providing regular updates on your case.

8. Protecting Against Wildlife Encounters

Just like a Humpback Whale or a Great White Shark, unexpected encounters at sea can create chaos on your boat! You won’t be surprised by any wildlife with our firm; we plan out your claim from the beginning and run things as efficiently as possible, avoiding unnecessary delays and complications.

9. Stay Dry with Essentials Onboard

Nothing dampens your mood like arriving at your favourite fishing spot completely drenched by the sea spray.

We’ll pack a spray jacket and wrap it around your claim to ensure you get to your destination high and dry. By properly planning out your claim from the beginning,  we ensure nothing important gets left behind.

10. Steering Clear of Close Calls

Have you ever found yourself nearly running into another boat at night because they didn’t have their navigation lights turned on? Those close calls can be terrifying, so we use our expertise to keep you out of harm's way and help you navigate the legal waters with confidence.

If, for any reason, those close calls turn into serious accidents, set off your emergency beacon by giving Kirk Watterston a call. Just like your local Volunteer Marine Rescue Service, he’s happy to throw you a flotation vest and lend a hand, ensuring that you get back to shore in one piece.

Kirk is committed to turning your boating mishaps into smooth sailing, allowing you to move forward confidently.

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