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Did you know Bradbury Park in Chermside is practically on our doorstep here at the Kedron offices? It's a little slice of playground paradise we often recommend, especially since we take our own kids there. With its recent upgrades, there's so much more to dive into. While it's all about fun and games, safety remains paramount. Dive in to see what's new and grab some safety pointers along the way.

What's New?

  • The Fort-Like Structure: The centrepiece of the revamped Bradbury Park is a towering fort that promises a wealth of adventures. Packed with climbing nets, ropes, and metal ledges, it's designed to give kids a challenge and feed their adventurous spirits.
  • Scooter Track Adventures: Ready for some wheeled fun? The newly introduced scooter track, adorned with exhilarating obstacles, is waiting for all the enthusiastic riders out there.
  • The Magic Forest: For those seeking a quieter, more introspective form of play, the Magic Forest offers a haven of tranquillity. With its beautifully etched logs, it's a space that lets imagination take the lead.

To learn more about the park and its features, click here for the Brisbane City Council's official information page.

Safety Tips to Remember:

  • Know Your Zones: While the fort structure is primarily designed for kids over five, guardians should watch the younger adventurers. This ensures that they don't wander into zones that might be a tad too challenging.
  • Gear Up for the Track: Before your little one zooms down the scooter track, ensure they're equipped with the necessary safety gear—helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads can be a lifesaver!
  • Understanding Comfort Levels: Not every child wants to scale the heights. Some might find their own kind of joy in the Magic Forest. It's essential to let kids explore at their own pace, ensuring they're safe and comfortable in their chosen play area.
  • Watch the Wardrobe: A small but handy tip—given Bradbury Park's age, there's a chance some black rubber might leave marks. It's perhaps wise to keep those brand-new outfits for another outing.

If Accidents Happen: Steps to Follow at a Council-Run Park

While we hope every trip to the park is safe and fun-filled, accidents can occur. Here's what to do if your child gets injured at a council-run park:

  • Stay Calm: Breathe deeply and try not to panic. Your child needs you to be the pillar of strength.
  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention: Always carry a basic first aid kit for minor injuries. Dial Triple Zero (000) if the injury is severe or head to the nearest medical facility.
  • Document Everything: After ensuring your child's well-being, take pictures of where the accident happened and note down any circumstances that led to the injury.
  • Talk to Witnesses: If there are bystanders, gather their accounts. They might provide a different perspective on the accident.
  • Inform the Council: As Bradbury Park is council-run, it's vital to notify them about the incident. They can help and look into preventing similar accidents in the future.

The recent upgrades at Bradbury Park in Chermside have given it a fresh burst of life and fun. As we embrace these exciting changes, it's also a good time to keep safety at the forefront. After all, an outing filled with laughter, fun, and, most crucially, safety is the best kind of outing. Happy exploring!

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